New Pricing March 1, 2017

New Pricing Update

*This pricing update is only for those who registered for lessons before December 1st, 2016. Anyone who signed up after December 1st, 2016 can ignore this notification. 



The lesson price change that took affect December 1st, 2016 for new registrants will apply to all students on March 1st, 2017.

This is the first pricing update we’ve ever had at Resonate and it should be the only one for the foreseeable future.

Although we know prices can’t stay the same forever, the prospect of an adjustment is something we’ve taken very seriously and delayed as long as we possibly could. It’s just one of the reasons why when doing any thorough market research, Resonate has consistently surpassed the industry in providing the most value. Even with this adjustment, which is less than the price of a single movie ticket, this will not change. We staggered the release of the new prices to begin in December 2016 for new students yet not go into affect for students who registered before that time until March of 2017.

Since first opening our doors, we’ve always maintained a model of heavy reinvestment into raising the quality of our services through a variety of initiatives and we plan on continuing to do so well into the future. Having the resources necessary to uphold our core value of always improving is a major factor in this update. This is less about what others are charging and more about ensuring the best experience for the many many individuals and families who have chosen Resonate to guide them along their musical journey.

Just in the past few months alone, we’ve upgraded our classroom drum sets to include acoustic kits with specialized heads and symbols that won’t damage the student’s ears. We’ve begun replacing our previous pianos with the latest models from Roland that offer bluetooth capability and app integration that our teachers have already exclaimed is adding an entirely new element to teaching and learning. And in an effort to continue to enhance the lesson experience, we’ve promoted Kevin Castro to Director of Lesson Development to help bring forward new techniques and tools for music education that will help our students grow as musicians and our teachers as educators. Putting on recitals in exclusive venues like the Red Piano yet keeping nominal ticket prices and no student performance fee is also something we will continue and build upon (a very exciting collaborative student concert is in the works that we hope to announce in the near future).

Each and every year, the costs of operating have risen but we remained steadfast in avoiding any subsequent price adjustments to our customers. Eventually this creates a strain on the resources needed to continue to be an organization that offers high value services, reinvests in new equipment and programs, and attracts talented members of staff. Some of our most popular benefits, such as Unlimited Make-up Lessons and Free Recording Studio Time, are also some of our most costly. Over the years, we’ve seen other organizations try to mirror aspects of our model, only to retract soon thereafter likely due to the associated costs. At Resonate however, we’ve seen time and time again the relief that’s been provided to busy individuals and families by being able to reschedule their lessons. We’ve seen countless students of all ages and skill levels capture the opportunity to record in a professional setting to create amazing and life-long keepsakes and being able to do so for free. Creating experiences and alleviating stress through these benefits and others is part of our culture and isn’t something we plan on stepping away from.

This update will see the price of a 30 minute Drop-in Lesson increase by just two dollars and that of a monthly 30 minute lesson membership by just ten dollars. Our group lessons programs will also see a minor adjustment, while our recording and registration fees will go unchanged. With this new pricing structure our customers can remain confident that they’re still getting the best value by choosing Resonate while not needing to expect any other price changes for hopefully a very long time.

Our President and General Manager, Michael Cathrea, will make himself available to anyone who has any questions or concerns, general or specific, relating to this subject or others. His direct email is or alternatively you can always phone at 780-457-0090.

We appreciate everyones’ understanding and support and we look forward to being your top choice for many more years to come.

-Team Resonate

 **Please note that those who wish to lock in their current rate for the next 12 months can do so and save at least $120.00 by paying in advance before March 1, 2017.**