Studio Tip: Using EQ For Fighting Elements

Sometimes when we are mixing we come across elements of the mix that get in the way of each other. There are a number of ways that you can battle this problem to give each element its own space in your mix. If one element is more important in the mix and you want to create space for it to shine, you can use equalization to accomplish this.

First, listen to the element that you want to be able to hear more clearly and determine a frequency range at which the important parts of that element exist. For example, if you have a guitar getting in the way of your lead vocal, you would listen first to the lead vocal to determine where its important frequencies are or if you want you can use a frequency analyzer.

The human voice generally exists in the 1khz – 4khz range so we will focus there. By using an EQ and cutting at approximately 1khz – 4khz on the guitar track, it will leave more frequency space for the vocal to shine through so we can hear it better. Now we can hear our amazing vocalist better and everyone is happy!


Have fun mixing!

Justin “Dunna” McDonough


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