Ani Cruickshank

Oh hi, I’m Ani Cruickshank, but usually go by Ani Lindsay-Rae. I’m a voice and piano teacher at Resonate Music School and Studio. I remember being a little girl at the tender age of 3, putting on “shows” for my parents, singing The Beach Boys’ Barbara Ann, and looking back realized it was then that I knew that music would always play a vital role in my life.

Growing up in a musical family, I was exposed to many different styles/genres and grew to love them all. By the time I hit highschool, I realized that if I can give back to the community the way that my music teachers/instructors influenced me, there would be no greater satisfaction. It was with this intention that I went to Grant MacEwan University and studied Vocal Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music, and haven’t looked back since. I am truly excited to work with you to become the musician you want to be.

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