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Learn How to Play Guitar at Resonate Music School & Studio

Learn to play Guitar at Resonate Music!

Resonate offers private 30 minute and 60-minute guitar lessons for those ages 5 and older. Our guitar lessons are customized by a Certified Resonate guitar teacher to be personally suited to each individual student’s skill level and goals. If you’d like to take a few lessons before buying your own guitar, feel free to use one of ours during your lessons. Since every guitar has it’s own unique feel, we recommend bringing in the guitar you’re going to be practicing with most often.

At Resonate, lessons are available seven days of the week, all year ’round. There’s no term or school year which means no contract. You can get started whenever you want and finish whenever you want. Take it one month at a time for as long or as little as you’d like!

Guitar Lessons - Guitar For Beginners

Guitar for Beginner Classes – Acoustic and electric guitar lessons available year round!

If you’re ready to get started, one of our team members is waiting to match you with the best fit for your schedule and your stylistic preferences.

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