Britney Huynh

My name is Britney Huynh and I am a Guitar, Piano, Voice, and Ukulele teacher here at Resonate Music School & Studio. I am currently studying at the University of Alberta to recieve both my Music degree in Voice, and my Secondary Education degree. Music has always been an important aspect in my family – so at the age of 4 I started formal Piano lessons, at 9 I started Guitar, at 11 I started Trumpet, at 12 I started Violin, and from there the list grew!

I love to work with people of all ages and musical backgrounds. Through the City of Edmonton and a program called Nancy’s Notes, I had the opportunity to teach a variety of musical lessons, classes, and summer camps to newborns, 5 year olds, 10 year olds, you name it.

Although I am studying mainly Classical Music at the UofA, in my spare time I record and collaborate with various local artists to sing R&B, Soul, Pop, Jazz, and more. Believe it or not, my favourite genre of music to listen to on a daily basis is EDM and Rap! So I completely understand that everyone has different music preferences, and I try my best to work with those differences, and use them as strengths. Practicing can be tiresome, so I try my best to cater to each student’s needs in order to motivate and inspire them. My ultimate goal is to ensure that my students gain the confidence and skills to express themselves musically. Whether it be to perform on a big stage or to sing in the shower! Either way, it is such an honour to help guide them on their musical journey.

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