Hello, my name as you probably guessed, is Joshua Smith and I have been a professional musician/recordist most of my adult life (30+yrs). I teach Guitar, Bass, Music Production, Piano, Theory/Improvisation, and various other Fretted Instruments. I’ve been teaching music since 1985 and taught the Guitar and Recording Arts/Sound course for Northwest Florida State College from 2006-2008. I can work with any most level of players from beginners that have never touched an instrument through advanced players that have played their whole life.

For the Guitarists and Bassists, I’m able to handle all aspects of being a musician. From the basics to advanced techniques, music theory, fretboard logic for guitarists, reading standard notation and tablature, finding your tone and style and understanding/setting up gear. For the Beginners, I know how to make it fun and not intimidating and for the advanced players, I know how to challenge and push you in directions you never thought were available to you. I teach most styles of music and playing techniques.

Now for the musician or non-musician that would like to learn to record, yes if you are a non-musician you can learn to record and produce music. You will learn the “Ins & Outs” out a professional recording studio, from the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to the old fashioned analog gear that still makes it all work. Not only will you learn the technical side you will also learn the musical side like understanding Key, Time, basic Keyboard skills, basic Music Theory, Song Structure and how these learned skills apply to make music in the digital domain.

I look forward to experiencing music with you!