Kara Marchand

Hey! My name is Kara and I teach voice, live performance and songwriting at Resonate Music School & Studio.
My relationship with music started as a kid, and after years of taking my own lessons, celebrating wins and also many failures, it has become one of my greatest passions and modes of expression. I have written and performed a wide range of genres, and I have experience in both solo and group performance and recording. I have spent the last 8 years writing and singing lead vocals for a local Edmonton band called ‘Monks on Call’ – which has allowed me to practice and experiment consistently. Over time I have gained a variety of experience through exploration and trial and error – ranging from lyric writing, stage presence, and vocal technique.
A primary focus for my students is to design a personal approach to their musical pursuits, and ask the questions that help them shape and define their own style with confidence. There is no fixed map to success in this industry and I believe that refining and zoning in on each students natural proclivities is a strong and necessary foundation to whatever they are looking to build beyond lessons. I am always excited to make new discoveries with my students and we approach every learning opportunity together as a team. The voice is a very personal instrument that can reveal all kinds of things about ourselves and it brings me a lot of joy to explore that personally and also through instruction. I hope to meet you and help you find your sound!