Laena Anderson

Joined Resonate: Fall, 2014.

Hello! I’m Laena Anderson and I am a voice and piano teacher here at Resonate Music School & Studio. My foray into the arts began with theatre and choir – I was in concert and jazz choirs throughout high school, and I joined Kokopelli Choir for the 2009-2010 season. One of my favourite memories of Kokopelli was being able to participate in the International Kinderchor (Children’s Choir) Festival in Germany.

I started acting in 2007 and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. In 2010, I went to MacEwan University for the Theatre Arts program. Since then I have acted in a variety of shows and musicals, and I have taken on the role of musical director for two shows (Coraline the Musical and the Addams Family Musical).

My hope is that my students see music as another language that, once unlocked, leads to a world of opportunity and beautiful moments. I hope they treat their body and voice as an instrument and that they take proper care of them to ensure the best possible sound. Most of all, I hope my students have fun and come away from their lessons loving music as much as I do.

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