Lauren Vocioni

Hi! My name is Lauren Vocioni. I grew up in Edmonton in a very musical family, gaining most of my insight and inspiration from my grandfather at a very young age. He started teaching me piano at the age of six and I started private voice lessons at nine.

I had the privilege of taking lessons with such influential and talented instructors throughout my teens. Each and every one of them fuelling my desire to enrol in MacEwan’s music program. In 2014, I graduated from MacEwan with a major in vocal performance. Though I loved performing, I knew that I wanted to pass on the inspiration that I was so lucky to acquire to students of my own. Only a few months after graduating, I started teaching at Resonate. In my free time, I love songwriting and playing shows around the city, but my hopes for the future are to inspire people further through music therapy!

My goals with my students are to provide a lesson plan that is fit entirely around their own personal goals and aspirations. First step is usually focusing on building confidence in their abilities, as well as maintaining that confidence throughout their musical journey. I teach a wide range of genres, but I specialize in r&b and pop. I do teach piano and voice separately, but I love working with students who want to sing while accompanying themselves on piano!

I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love, as well as sharing that experience with my students and help their passion and love for music grow.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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