Liz Pomeroy

Hey, I’m Liz and I teach voice and beginner piano at Resonate Music School & Studio. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland where I was involved with music, theatre and dance all throughout school. I sang lead vocals, fronting my first band in a school talent show, at the age of 16, and became hooked on singing and performing. While attending the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, for a Degree in Art and Design Education, I continued to gig. I joined my first professional band once I finished my degree and toured constantly, supporting larger acts like Joan As Police Woman all across Ireland.

In 2008, I moved to Canada and toured tirelessly throughout the Ottawa Valley playing originals as well as folk, rock, and Irish trad songs. I then took a 2 year break from music to explore performance and dance, taking influence from the 1930-50’s Vaudeville and cabaret acts.

I moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2011, where I started a new band called Burning Daisy. We released 2 EPs and one full length album while touring throughout Canada and into the U.S.A. We received airplay on satellite radio as well as a number of YouTube channel episodes. I eventually decided to pursue what I’d been long been yearning for; a formal musical education. I was accepted into Grant MacEwan’s Music program in 2015, where I am currently completing my education. I am also writing new material for my solo project, due to launch in Spring of 2017.

I have always loved working with young and mature students, alike. I do my best to bring a lot of energy to my Piano and Voice classes and have a wide knowledge of Pop, Rock, Indie/Alt music. I also very much enjoy Jazz, Blues, EDM, Funk and Metal. My lessons are always tailored to the student’s needs and their enjoyment is paramount to me. If you have ever wanted to take up Piano or explore your voice for enjoyment or performance, I would look very forward to being your teacher.

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