Michael Cherkawski

Hey! I’m Michael Cherkawski and I teach piano, guitar, and music theory here at Resonate Music School & Studio!

I have been playing music since I was quite young and really fell in love with it when I was 10 and dreaming of being a rockstar! Throughout my years I have spent time honing my craft in all sorts of fields from recording and production to ear training.
My most comfortable instruments are piano and guitar as I have played both for over 10 years, covering many styles. On the side, I also play a variety of other instruments including bass, drums, and vocals.

I first got my roots when I was playing video games as a kid and found myself listening to the soundtracks for hours on end. This inspired me to learn every song I could hear, which increased my musical repertoire by leaps and bounds. As a young adult I found myself doing this with every piece of pop music that I could find and coming up with different approaches to popular tunes! For a few years I knew very little about music theory, and a whole lot about how to play fast. Throughout my time at school, I learned how foundational a background in music theory can be and I challenged myself to learn the most intricate and difficult concepts that I could find!

During my time at Macewan University, I earned a diploma in music and became most proficient in the fields of pop and jazz. I worked in many different ensembles and found the heart of performing to be one of the most rewarding ways to incorporate music into your life. The opportunity to provide my students with amazing performances while also ensuring a great foundational base in theory are just a few of the things I love about teaching. I look forward to teaching you!

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