Rachel Gleddie

Hey there, my name is Rachel and I teach piano, guitar, voice, and songwriting at Resonate Music School & Studio! I am currently completing my Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music at Grant MacEwan University, with composition as my major focus. Through studying composition at school, I have developed a passion for teaching students how to write and explore their own music! As someone who has been playing and writing music for most of my life, I am very excited about helping others reach their own musical goals. 

I have performed with various musical groups both locally and internationally, and have spent time teaching abroad. These experiences have only increased my fascination with different musical styles and genres. 

One of my favourite things about teaching is the diversity that always accompanies it. With each student having a unique mix of different learning styles, musical preferences, personality types, etc, it’s never a dull moment! I believe that each student deserves a tailored lesson plan specific for their own goals and learning styles, and I work hard to incorporate that into each lesson that I teach. 

Looking forward to meeting you!