Robyn Slack

Hey there, I’m Robyn and I teach Guitar and beginner Ukulele at Resonate Music School & Studio. I started private guitar lessons when I was seven years old, living in a small town in northern British Columbia. I continued taking lessons and playing in bands all the way through high school, then moved to Edmonton to attend Grant MacEwan. I graduated from their music program in 2008 and have been writing and performing original music ever since. I’ve released several albums with various bands, toured the country, and I was even awarded a recording grant by the Edmonton Arts Council in 2011. I began teaching guitar professionally in 2012.

I love all genres of music, and am always excited to be introduced to new artists and musical styles that I haven’t heard before. I grew up with a lot of classic rock and blues, and I studied classical guitar for several years before entering the more jazz-based program at MacEwan. My own music ranges from heavy punk-infused rock to mellow acoustic folk, and everything in between.

When teaching, I like to focus less on broad curriculum and more on individual students’ needs. My goal is to inspire a life-long love of music in my students, and to teach them essential theory and technique in a way that’s still fun, accessible and relevant to their own musical tastes.

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