Skyler Benoit

Hi! I’m Skyler and I teach drums at Resonate Music School & Studio. I graduated with a diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music from MacEwan University specializing in Drumset Performance. I have been playing drums for over a decade and have years of experience playing live and teaching. I’m very passionate about music and I want to foster a similar love for the instrument in my students, and encourage them to pursue music in their lives.

My journey as a musician started in my basement as a young teenager; my love for music would eventually lead me to seek out knowledge wherever I could find it and any playing opportunities that were out there. Through study, and by playing in different bands, I immersed myself in different styles of music including Latin American, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Rock, and Pop. My goal is to teach what I’ve learned on my drumming journey and inspire my students to craft their own. See you in lessons!