Taylor Fawcett

Hello! My name is Taylor Fawcett and I am a teacher here at Resonate Music School & Studio.

I am a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has had the pleasure of being able to perform in many different styles and genres since beginning music in my mid-teens. The more I discovered new ways of playing music, the more my appreciation for all kinds of music deepened, as did my passion for familiarizing myself with as much of it as I could. Along the way I have played for many bands in several roles, including a Gospel music award-winning rock band playing arenas, eventually focusing on my training as a singer. I completed my Bachelor of music degree in vocal performance from Kings University in Edmonton, and have since been seeking to find serious vocal solutions in order to perform any style of music from pop to musical theatre to my current passion, classical music and opera!

Some singing highlights of mine have been performing the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, Tony in West Side Story, Frederic in the Pirates of Penzance, and several leading operatic and musical theatre roles with companies and orchestras.

I commit to sharing my passion for music with you as we explore ways to bring it to life with ease and confidence, and above all, fun!

I can’t wait to meet you!