Recording Studio Questions

Q. What is the rate for studio time?
A. $65.00 per hour + GST. This includes the audio engineer, producer, and facility.

Q. Is it possible to pay a flat rate per song?
A. Yes, but every project is different. After discussing your specific project we will be able to quote you a flat rate charge.

Q. Can you make me a custom beat or do I have to just pick a pre-made one?
A. We absolutely do custom work. Contact us today with your ideas for a custom beat or instrumental.

Q. Do you only record musicians with previous studio experience?
A. Anyone can come and record a song at Resonate Music. Established artists and those just starting out are all welcomed.

Q. I’d like to learn how to record and produce music, do you teach that?
A. We have specially designed courses to help with both audio engineering and digital music production. Click here to learn more about our Recording and Digital Production classes.

Q. Is your studio sound treated?
A. All parts of our studio are constructed and treated for both sound proofing and acoustics.

Q. I’m thinking of surprising a friend with some studio time. What would be the best way to do this?
A. What you want is a Resonate Studio Time Gift Card.  You can purchase any number of studio hours on a gift card and the gifted can book their sessions after receiving the card. Resonate Music gift cards never expire.

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