Why Professional Recording?

A Combination Of Quality

You’ve written quality songs, given quality performances, yet something is still holding you back from taking that next step in your music career. A quality recording could be just what you need to take that step and many more towards your ultimate goals as a musician and as an artist. Many underestimate the impact that recordings have on prospective fans, booking agents, talent scouts, and everyday listeners. In an age where new music is flooding the internet on a daily basis, setting yourself apart amongst your peers is more vital than ever. Unfortunately, that “demo” recording isn’t tipping the odds in your favour. It’s the combination of your talent, creativity and delivery, teamed with an engineer and producer with the skill-set to bring out that same passion through the speakers that you put into the mic, that results in the complete package.

Invest In Your Sound, Without Breaking The Bank

Let’s debunk a recording studio myth right now. You don’t need a $50,000.00+ budget to record a radio-ready album. At least not with us you don’t. If the saying “you get what you pay for” stands correct then our value knob is cranked to the max level. We know first hand what it’s like to try and record on a budget. Which is why we strive to do whatever we can to work within yours. You’ve already invested time and money into honing your skills and developing your craft. Our goal is to ensure that when you invest in your sound you receive a top quality return on your investment.

You Wont Know Until You Ask

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Free consultations are offered to all prospective clients. Call us, message us, tweet us, whatever method of contact works best for you. Making music is what we do, it’s what we love to do, and we love chatting with our clients about their projects. You make the call and we’ll make the time and the coffee.

Let Your Ears Decide

Check out our audio page and listen first-hand to some of the artists we’ve worked with. We trust our ears. Let yours decide if Resonate is the recording studio for you.