General Questions About Music Lessons

Q. At what age can someone start taking music lessons?
A. Group Music Lessons can be started at age two and most  Private Music Lessons around six years of age. Although select instruments, such as violin, may be started as early as four or five years of age.

Q. Can adults take music lessons as well?
A. Of course! If you’re of two years of age or older you can take music lessons with Resonate.

Q. What types of music lessons do you offer?
A. Click here to view the list of private music lessons and group music lessons that we currently offer.

Q. I know I want to take music lessons, but when can I start?
A. We have a rolling registration system so that means you can register at anytime and usually start your music lessons within that same week!

Q. In the past we’ve had to take the summers off from music lessons and I’m concerned that it has been detrimental to mine and my child’s learning. Do lessons at Resonate continue through the summer?
A. Whether you purchase drop-in lessons or are a Resonate Music Member, you are able to take lessons for as long as you want to continue learning and playing music. We maintain the same availability and hours of operation twelve months out of the year.

Q. Can I purchase music lessons one at a time?
A. Yes, we offer what’s called drop-in lessons. You can purchase any quantity of drop-in lessons. These are great for those on a shift-work schedule.

Q. Is there a registration fee?
A. There is one life-time $25.00 registration fee per student.

Q. How many teaching studios are at Resonate?
A. Resonate is equipped with 18 extensively sound-treated teaching studios.

Q. How many music instructors teach at Resonate?
A. We presently have over 30 instructors that teach at Resonate Music School & Studio. Click here to learn more about them!

Q. Are music lessons offered on weekends?
A. Yes, we are open from 10:00am until 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Where is Resonate Music School & Studio located?
A. Resonate is conveniently located in North City Centre on 137 Avenue and 132 Street in Edmonton, AB. To be even more specific, we are right beside the Scotia Bank and Albert’s. You can click here to view Resonate on Google Maps.

Q. What sorts of amenities do you have for your customers?
A. Our 1300 square foot waiting area consists of comfortable seating for 40, two 50″ HDTVs, 10 iPads, a selection of books and magazines, a colouring corner, free wifi, as well as a water dispenser and Keurig with complimentary teas, hot chocolate, and premium roast coffees. Click here to view our client amenities page.

Q. Do you have a set curriculum that you use for every student?
A. No, each lesson is customized and tailored to the student’s skill level, learning style, and musical goals.

Q. Are the teaching studios sound treated?
A. Yes, each of our eighteen (18) rooms provide extensive sound treatment for both soundproofing and acoustics.This means that you can have an uninterrupted lesson!

Q. How long are lessons?
A. Music lessons are available in class times of thirty (30) minutes and sixty (60) minutes.

Q. Where can I see what it looks like inside of Resonate?
A. Click here for a virtual tour!

Q. How do I register?
A. Click here to view our registration page and the different options in which you can register for music lessons at Resonate Music School & Studio.

Q. Do you hold recitals and are they mandatory or optional?
A. Yes, we host annual recitals in the spring at The Red Piano in West Edmonton Mall, which are optional.


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