Violin Lessons (Ages 3+)

Violin Lessons (Ages 4+)

Learn classical techniques, as well as fiddle with Resonate Violin Lessons!

Resonate offers private 30-minute and 60-minute Violin Lessons for those ages 4 and older. Our Violin Lessons are customized by a Certified Resonate Instructor to be personally suited to each individual student’s skill level and goals. Violin Lessonsare also available in french.

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The Resonate Membership Plan offers students an opportunity to devote themselves to learning music within a consistent yet flexible schedule. We understand that continuous musical involvement best promotes progress and that being constrained to enrollment in disjointed terms can slow a student’s learning process.

This Plan eliminates the amount of time lost re-familiarizing students with material forgotten over lengthy breaks between terms, allowing for efficient and accelerated learning and in turn maximizing the value of their lessons.

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Resonate Violin Instructors

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