Why Us?

Changing The Industry For You.

From the moment the idea of creating a new-age music school was conceived, we at Resonate have strived to continuously identify ways the needs of music students could be better met. By refusing to allow ourselves to be confined by traditional industry practices or pressured to do things the way they’ve always been done, we have innovated ways to elevate the experience of these students. We believe that the process of learning music should be every bit as amazing as music itself.

We certainly weren’t the first music school in the city (not by a long shot), but we were the first to recognize many of the improvements that could be made to the way music education was delivered in the Edmonton area. We saw busy students spending time waiting in line to fill out forms, so we proudly offer QUICK AND EASY REGISTRATION options so the process can fit your schedule. Since the day we opened our doors, students have been able to register for lessons via e-mail, over the phone, or in-person in an efficient manner while trusting that our Client Services Specialists will match them with the right teacher for their schedule and stylistic preferences. As former music students ourselves, we know how distracting it is to hear other lessons carrying on around you, so we were the first to build EXTENSIVELY SOUND-TREATED TEACHING STUDIOS to provide you with an uninterrupted learning environment. We invested the resources to ensure that from the air systems to the walls and doors, sound transfer would be minimized so you could concentrate on your lesson.

Perhaps most importantly we saw the industry consistently fail to design programs that optimized the value to the student. Music schools typically followed a semester system in which students were forced to suspend their education over summer break, or at the very best could continue on a sporadic modified schedule. When lesson schedules were regular they were equally rigid, as schools offered little flexibility to accommodate student absences arising from illness, vacation, or unanticipated time conflicts. Worst of all, students were far too often disenchanted and disconnected, and taking music lessons became a routine chore.

A New Way To Learn Music.

This is why we were the first music school to launch a comprehensive membership program. THE RESONATE MEMBERSHIP PLAN offers students an opportunity to devote themselves to learning music within a consistent yet flexible schedule. Its central purpose is to engage, inspire, and reward our students. By continuing year-round, this Plan eliminates time spent re-familiarizing students with material forgotten over lengthy breaks between terms, allowing for efficient and accelerated progress. In addition, members are offered UNLIMITED MAKE-UP LESSONS to ensure that no missed lesson becomes a lost lesson. We were also the first school to offer COMPLIMENTARY TIME IN A RECORDING STUDIO with a certified engineer and producer so our students could enjoy the unique process of music creation first hand. To further encourage our students, we became the first school to implement a REWARDS POINTS SYSTEM. To top it all off, we are the first and only school in the region to provide a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to assure students that we are accountable and give them the opportunity to try us out risk-free.

We’ve done all of this and more when we could’ve just offered the same experience that’s been available for years. Why? Simple.

Because we put YOU first.