Resonate Creative: Web & Graphic Design

Whether you are a solo artist or in a band, it is vitally important to establish branding and to think of your music like your business. Networking through well-thought out marketing can put you in contact with the right people and expand your music to the masses. Having quality design work is an integral part of promoting yourself. Whether it be business cards, promotional posters, album artwork, or a website, the level of quality will reflect on you as an artist and as a brand.

Resonate Creative’s Design Department provides a vast array of design skills to satisfy any and all graphic design needs. We approach our design the way an artist approaches a painting or a musician approaches a song. With passion to create to completion a project that stands out and delivers everything its creator intended it to. We’re not here to change your ideas but to embrace them, mold and shape them into exactly what you’d imagined they’d be.

Our Creative Director, Michael Pelletier, carries with him experience with clients of all sizes. From those just getting started to multi-national corporations. His client list even includes sports celebrities like Olympic gold medallist Jennifer Heil and 2004 NBA Champion, Richard Hamilton. View our portfolio to see the level of quality Resonate Design is capable of providing you.

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Project Pricing

Websites (Design & Set-up): $499.95 per page

Album Artwork (CD & Sleeve Combo): $349.95

Social Media (Facebook Cover Photo, YouTube Page Background, etc.): $59.95

*Pricing for web and graphic design may fluctuate depending on project