2013 Summer Recitals Recap

Well the 2013 summer recitals are all wrapped up and we’d say it’s safe to label them a fantastic success!

We’d like to give a giant, colossal, gargantuan THANK YOU to EVERYONE that participated in our summer recitals! THANK YOU to both the staff at Roast Coffehouse and the Yellowhead Event Centre for being such wonderful and accommodating hosts. THANK YOU to Brendan Ryder from Flavor for capturing so many amazing photographic moments at each event. THANK YOU to our teachers for all of their assistance and prep work and for some seriously JAW-DROPPINGLY-GOOD performances. THANK YOU to the hundreds of friends and family members for your attendance, support, cheers and laughter. Last but definitely not least THANK YOU to the STUDENTS. You’ve all been so dedicated in putting forth the time and effort and it absolutely showed on stage. It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a crowd and you each did so with incredible bravery, confidence, and poise. Your performances were inspiring and ignited feelings of awe and admiration. We are so proud of every one of you and we continue to be overwhelmed with appreciation that we get the opportunity to be a part of your growth as musicians and as artists. We could go on and on but basically what we’re trying to say is..THANK YOU!!!

Here’s a few of the amazing shots from the recitals.

Voice, Piano, and Songwriting instructor, Carmen Lucia performing Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.

Getting ready to kick off Lindsey’s recital at The Yellowhead Event Centre.

Voice and songwriting student, Ella, closing out her heart-warming performance of her original song, Cinderella.

Piano student and always-sharp-dresser, Wilson, with his instructor, Rebecca, after an excellent performance of Miniature Sonatina.

Guitar student, Robin, and teacher, Lindsey, claiming her iTunes gift card!

Band performance by Matthew, Justin, Ben, and Aaron (not pictured) to end off the guitar recital.

Our lovely and talented violin instructor, Christina Barry.

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