2017 Spring Recitals!

The 2017 Resonate Spring Recitals are just around the corner! We’re so excited to see everyone hit the stage to show off what they’ve been learning this year and to let their sound resonate! Below is all of the information you need to know for this year’s recitals.



Aussie Rules Piano Bar (formerly the Red Piano) in West Edmonton Mall. The exact address is 8882-8882 170 st. Edmonton, AB. T5T 4J2. Click here for directions!


Ticket information:

Tickets are $5.00 per person but those ages 5 or under are free. Performers are also exempt of needing a ticket or paying any performance fee. Your server will simply put the recital tickets on your bill at the end of the show. This way, if you choose to have any food or beverages during the show, you only have to pay one bill! Tickets cannot be purchased in advance.


Is there a limit to how many people you can bring?

Unless you’re planning on bringing 20+ people, don’t worry about notifying us of your number of guests. There’s lots of seating but it is first come first serve so come early to get the best seats!


Will there be food and beverages available for purchase?

Yes! Aussie Rule will have their full, fantastic menu available to all guests. Best part is, since Aussie Rules has purchased the Red Piano, the new menu offering is at much more affordable prices but is just as delicious. We suggest planning your brunch, lunch, or dinner around your recital time so that you can enjoy the food and the show!


How long are the recitals?

Each recital is approximately 60-75 minutes long. Make sure to stick around until the end to see a showcase performance by your teacher as well as a prize giveaway!


What if your teacher has two recitals?

Some of the teachers have so many students performing that they need to have two recitals. If this is the case with your teacher, please make sure to discuss with your teacher which one of their recitals you are performing in.



March 5th, 11:00am (Oliver’s Students)

March 5th, 1:15pm (Carmen’s Students 1)

March 5th, 3:30pm (Carmen’s Students 2)


March 12th, 11:00am (Allison & Etelka’s Students)

March 12th, 1:15pm (Lauren’s Students 1)

March 12th, 3:30pm (Lauren’s Students 2)


March 19, 11:00am (Chantal & Brooke’s Students)

March 19, 1:15pm (Laena’s Students)

March 19, 3:30pm (Ani’s Students)


March 26, 11:00am (Ben & Lindon’s Students)

March 26, 1:15pm (Ciara’s Students 1)

March 26, 3:30pm (Ciara’s Students 2)


April 2nd, 11:00am (Stephanie’s Students)

April 2nd, 1:15pm (Chris & Erin’s Students)

April 2nd, 3:30pm (Kevin’s Students)


April 9th, 11:00am (Justin’s Students)

April 9th, 1:15pm (Isaac’s Students)

April 9th, 3:30pm (Kyle S. Students)


April 23rd, 11:00am (Robyn’s Students)

April 23rd, 1:15pm (Mike’s Students 1)

April 23rd, 3:30pm (Mike’s Students 2)


April 30th, 11:00am (Liz & Kayla’s Students)

April 30th, 1:15pm (Kyle W. Students)

April 30th, 3:30pm (Jason & Ray’s Students)

April 30th, 7:00pm (Adult Students Recital)*

*For adult students only, contact us or ask your teacher for more info on this recital. 



If you have any questions about the 2017 Resonate Spring Recitals, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Happy Performing, Everyone!!