We Are Canada!

We are Canada!” is an energetic, affirming, folk-rock anthem that celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary. Built on a base of Inuit throat singing and indigenous hand drumming, that represents both our history and our goal of reconciliation, the song speaks to our values, our trials, our will to overcome and our hope for the future.

We are Canada!” features the talents of numerous artists, welcoming the contributions of indigenous artists (including students) and students from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, celebrating diversity as a strength that enriches the future for us all.

We are Canada!”… and we are all invited to this party!
Join us in celebrating the beauty of this land and its people.   Sing with us, as we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary and the values we hold dear.

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We hope you will join us in singing “We are Canada!

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Conceived by: Terry Harris
Co-written, directed and produced by: Terry Harris and Justin “Dunna” McDonough
Lead vocalist: Paul Woida
Backup vocalist: Justin “Dunna” McDonough
Instrumental accompaniment: Justin “Dunna” McDonough
Inuit Throat Singer: Goota Desmarais
Native Hand Drums: Courtesy of Ben Calf Robe School, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Coordinator: Anne-Marie Paquin
Hand drum Group: Kihew Onikamowak.
Members: Dezmond Morningchild, Keith Smith, Lerrick Cardinal, DJ Lamouche-Beaudry, Harlem Frenchman, Nolan Stanley, Jaiden Dumont
Choir: Courtesy of Monsignor Fee Otterson School, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Director: Beth Pecson
Choral Arrangement by: Jessica Hatton and Beth Pecson
Choir: Monsignor Fee Otterson Junior High GLEE
Members: Francheska Aganan, Loureana Almario, Oluchi Anunobi, Jessica Bondoc, Sophia de Borja, Zhasheken de Guia, Patricia DeVera, Genesis Faith Dullavin, Bianca Gabinete, Lennard Garcia, Jerykah Geneblazo, Winter Gillespie, Kaitlyn Hodgins, Jane Joh, Gibson Joy, Brendan Kallis, Maria Karuvilath, Emily Koh, Isabel Lovato-Facey, Ruben McFadzen, Angel Ngo, Trish (Tran) Nguyen, Kirsten Olviga, Tessa Padilla, Emma Pecson, Noah Pecson, Lauren Proskurniak, Jenna Sampson, Hanna Sinchongco, Leilani Vertucio
Sound Engineering: Justin “Dunna” McDonough
Videography: Gary Mochoruk
With thanks to: Edmonton Catholic Schools: Joan Carr, Rena Methuen, Marie Whelan
Recorded and produced at Resonate Music Studio, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Resonatemusic.ca) 2017