Bass Lessons (Ages 6+)

Bass Lessons (Ages 6+)

Learn how to play Bass with Resonate Music Bass Lessons!

Resonate offers 30 minute and 60 minute private Bass Lessons for those ages 6 and older. Our Bass Lessons are customized by a Certified Resonate Music Instructor to be personally suited to your skill level. If you haven’t yet purchased your own bass, feel free to use one of ours during your lessons. Although we do recommend bringing in the bass you’re going to be practicing with most often, as each guitar has it’s own unique feel.

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The Resonate Membership Plan offers students an opportunity to devote themselves to learning music within a consistent yet flexible schedule. We understand that continuous musical involvement best promotes progress and that being constrained to enrollment in disjointed terms can slow a student’s learning process.

This Plan eliminates the amount of time lost re-familiarizing students with material forgotten over lengthy breaks between terms, allowing for efficient and accelerated learning and in turn maximizing the value of their lessons.

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Resonate Bass Instructors

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Calendar for Available Bass Lessons:

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